Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Boracare/Bora Care - Nothing is Better

I felt that I needed to tell people about an incredible product called Bora-Care. It is a termiticide, insecticide, and fungicide that is used on wood, plywood, logs, any cellulose product. The reason I bring this up is because of the increasing number of calls that I have received from people in the New Orleans area trying to re-build after hurricane Katrina. Their homes were virtually submerged in water, which of course has led to major fungus problems throughout the structures. Most of them have already done the research and know that Bora-Care is the product to use. But why?

When Bora-Care is applied to a wood surface, it literally penetrates deep down to the core of wood. If there is any fungus on the wood, it will neutralize it. If there are any wood destroying organisms in the wood eating it, such as carpenter ants, termites, powder post beetles, they will die. The best part is that once the wood is adequately treated, it stays in the wood indefinitely. That's right. . .Forever! Not only that, but it does not stain the wood or discolor it. Basically, if you ever have a chance to treat any wood part of your home; the studs, the siding, the floor boards, joists in a crawl space, attic space, I would treat it with Bora Care.

If its good enough to restore a proper living environment to hurricane victims, its good enough for me.


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