Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Do-It-Yourself Pest Control

I recently read an article about how pest control companies feel threatened by the ever growing market of Do-It-Yourself Pest Control Stores. It seems like everyday more and more companies are starting to realize that there is a market for the people that either do not want to pay the money or to deal with the service calls and companys technicians anymore.

Thanks to the internet, consumers can now buy the same products that they pay a company to use on their home. The EPA has restricted most products that have posed a threat in the past.

Today's products for the most part have no odor, are very safe around kids and pets, yet still just as effective as the "good stuff" in years past. The main difference that products are better is the chemical make-up, but the amazing thing is that they are just as good with less than 1% of active ingredient, compared to years ago where the active ingredient was 40%-50%. Very Strong!!! Too strong for the average homeowner.

Now that todays products are available to the homeowner, this industry is catching on like wildfire! I hear stories time and time again that people are just fed up with some service companies. There are not on time, they cost too much, and sometimes the service doesn't even work. The old story holds true: No one will care as much about your home as you will, no one will be as thorough to keep bugs out of your home as you will. Not to mention that you will save about 70% off of what you pay a company to do your own service.

As long as companys are out there doing half the service and work for the full price, i think this market is here to stay.


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